Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The debate (on Law and Grace) continues

Just when some of us thought that the level of understanding about the grace message was improving and a possible reconciliation between the churches (with different approaches to the teaching of Law and Grace) was in sight, fresh rounds of debates are being stirred up again:

Biggest Church Taught to Resist 'Cheap Grace':

NCC Supporters Respond to Antinomian Article

Let's continue to pray for mutual understanding and respect to prevail among the leaders (and the members) of the churches involved, and believe for the day of reconciliation and cooperation to come soon - for the glory of Jesus and for the benefit of the Church.

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eekpil said...

I do not claim to represent New Creation Church (NCC), but based on what I know and understand of the church, I would like to contribute my 2-cent worth to clarify the misunderstanding and allegation that NCC is teaching lawlessness/ anitnomanism:

1. NCC is AGAINST SIN, and is therefore against the breaking of God's law.

2. NCC is FOR GOD'S LAW - for the purpose the law was given, i.e. to show forth the sinfulness of man and to convince man of his need for Jesus as his Saviour.

3. NCC is against the teaching that man must, and therefore should try to, keep God's law to become righteous and to be blessed by God. NCC teaches that man can never, and therefore need not even try to, keep God's law (in full, which is the only way to keep God's law), to become righteous and be blessed by God.

4. NCC believes and teaches that it is ONLY by receiving God's grace in the Person of Jesus Christ, that man can overcome sin and become righteous.

5. NCC believes that a person under law and in bondage, will TRY TO and will FAIL TO keep God's law, whereas a person under God's grace and in true liberty, will WANT TO and will GET TO love God and to love his neighbours.