Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I love and support my church and my pastor

Because the loveliness of the Lord Jesus Christ is so gloriously revealed and exalted in New Creation Church by Pastor Prince.

Because the perfection of the Lord's work on the Cross is so clearly explained and expounded upon in New Creation Church by Pastor Prince.

Because of the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ such as the following:

- Will the real Christianity please stand up:

- Supernatural transformation and holiness

- Aleph Tav - Jesus' signature in the Bible

- The root cause of your problem is condemnation

- Grace flows in worry-free areas of your life:

Because in Singapore and all around the world, people's lives are being impacted and transformed by the ministry:

- Read the comments left on the wall of Joseph Prince Ministry facebook homepage:

- Read the readers' reviews on the book "Destined to Reign":




- Read the testimonies from people blessed by the church and the ministry:

* New Creation Church:
* Joseph Prince Ministry:

- Read online report and blog post on the influence of Pastor Prince's ministry on other ministries and pastors:


Because God loves His Son Jesus Christ, and God loves New Creation Church and Pastor Prince, and God loves you and I too. :)


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